OCC Bangalore FAQ

This post is a FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) on Open Coffee Club, Bangalore ( OCC Bangalore).

What is Open Coffee Club (OCC)?

Essentially Open Coffee Club is a place for people who love startups to hang out and meet. It was started by Saul Klein in London in Feb 07 to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organize real-world informal meet-ups to chat, network and grow. The first OCC meet happened in London on 1st March 2007. Ever since the concept has been spreading and growing across the globe.

The Bangalore chapter of Open Coffee Club started in Aug 07 with the first meet being held at Brew HaHa on 19 Aug 07.

Open Coffee Club Bangalore

Open Coffee Club Bangalore

Who all are invited to Open Coffee Club Bangalore?

Well it starts with you and includes anyone & everyone who is keen to drop in. A passion for “entrepreneurship & start ups” does help but is “not a pre-requisite” for your presence at OCC. Needless to add; once you are there we will do our best to get you motivated / started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Who benefits from OCC Bangalore?

OCC B’lore is place for everyone: aspiring / wannabe entrepreneurs; budding / early stage entrepreneurs; early stage companies; established / mature entrepreneurs; funds & investors; freelancers & consultants and service providers to the ecosystem. It is also meant for others who want to observe this above ecosystem.

OCC is a place to meet & share with your peers and with others in the ecosystem; whom you are not able to reach & connect for whatever reasons such as lack of access, time, venues & awareness, etc.

How can someone engage in Open Coffee Club Bangalore in a meaningful manner?

OCC is a forum in pure un-conference style to share, seek help, advice and troubleshoot the issues you are facing. Address both your – pain areas & growth areas. OCC is a community to meet, find, and discover your potential co-founder, mentor, employee, service provider or even an investor or customers and critics for surely.  

OCC B’lore – Roadmap

OCC in Bangalore is just over one year old and we have plans to nurture it as we go along. The vision is to transition OCC from a sharing and connecting platform to a more hands-on workshops playground where service providers and consumers are able to connect, collaborate and implement ideas.

OCC B’lore – Logistics & Related Information.

OCC B’lore meets happen every alternate Sunday between 11 AM to 1 PM. These are broadcasted with all the relevant details in advance on Yahoo Upcoming. You can keep a better tab on OCC via the following channels:

OCC Mailing List: bangaloreocc@googlegroups.com

OCC Blog: http://bangaloreocc.blogspot.com/

Contact the following for further information & suggestions on anything related to OCC Bangalore 

Vaibhav Pandey / +91 99861 86194 / pandey.vaibhav@gmail.com

Ramjee Ganti / +91 93425 09088 / ganti.r@gmail.com

Amarinder Singh / +91 93431 71420 / amarinder.singh.76@gmail.com


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