Google Site Search brings to you On Demand Indexing

Google being the big daddy of search, Google Indexing is one of the most critical part of any website, be it a blog or any other website. Now, with Google Site Search, you can ask Google to do an On Demand Indexing of your content.

Google site search builds on the Google Custom Search Engine by adding more features like the option to turn off ads, a more customized look and feel, as well as email and phone support.

Official Google Blog says

Today we’re excited to bring you On-Demand Indexing for Google Site Search. On-Demand Indexing is like a turbocharger for Google Site Search, ensuring that your newest pages appear in search results on your website fast. Whether you’re promoting a new line of products, sharing breaking news or reports, or updating your site in time for the holiday season, On-Demand Indexing puts businesses in control with an “Index Now” button, giving them the flexibility to quickly update search results whenever they have new content to update or add.

The process to setup Site Search is pretty simple and straight
1.) Go to Google Site Search.

2.)  Set up your Search Engine by filling out some details like your Search engine name, the sites to search and language etc..

3.) Try out the feature

4.) Provide contact information and Purchase the plan.

This clubbed with the SEO Best Practices should certainly add value to the entire search indexing phenomenon. The below mentioned image gives a pricing estimation for Google Site Search.

Google Site Search

Google Site Search

Also check out the video below to learn how to improve your customer search experience within your site easily and efficiently. For those on reader, click here for the video.

So if you have a website, go on and checkout Google Site Search. Plans start for as less as 100$.

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