Google Reader now translates feeds to your language on the fly

Google Reader now has an interesting option which translates foreign language feeds into your language on the fly. The project was initiated as part of the 20% Work policy of Google which allows employees to work on their own projects 20% of the work time.

Translate feeds on the Fly.

Translate feeds on the Fly.

Google Reader Blog says 

Next time you find an interesting feed in another language, just subscribe to it as normal in Reader. When you view the feed in Reader, check off “Translate into my language” in the feed settings, and (voila!) the feed will be immediately translated for you. Also, this setting will be saved so you can always view this feed in your own language.

This is an interesting collaboration between Google Reader and Google Translate. So next time, you dont have to bother about the language issues while subsribing to a foriegn language blog. Get the reader dude !!!

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