Searching for Source Code? Try these 6 websites.

As per a study, Most developers spend 65% of their time reviewing existing code they didn’t write. In such scenarios, often we find ourselves, looking out for code examples either in our favorite books or doing a search over the Internet.

If you are one of those who is on the lookout for Source code for a good hashtable implementation in C or a plain old “Hello World” program in Java or Perl or Python etc… either for reference or for usage purpose, the below list of 6 websites to check shall help you get the code you have been looking out for.

Source Code

Source Code

1.) Google Code Search: Google is the daddy of all searches and so is the case with searching open source, public code. Check out Google Code Search and search for the code you have been looking out.

2.) Github: Github, the popular open source code repository and version control web service also has a Code search feature. You have the option of searching for the code based on Language, Project, Developer or File Path. Try it out.

3.) PHPClasses: If you are looking out for Code specific to PHP, PHPClasses is the website to check out. PHP Classes Repository is a service created in 1999 as a means of distributing freely available programming classes of objects written in the Web scripting language named PHP. The goal of this service is to build a base of programming components ready to be used in Web applications written in PHP.

4.), the leading search engine for open source and other downloadable code now contains over 1 billion lines of code within its repository. Koders is used by tens of thousands of developers each day.

5.) KrugleKrugle is a search engine that allows computer programmers and other developers to search Open Source repositories in order to locate open source code, and quickly share the code with other programmers on the internet.

6.) O’Reilly Code Search: Publisher O’Reilly lets you search relevant sample code from nearly 700 O’Reilly books. The code database currently contains over 123,000 individual examples, composed of 2.6 million lines of code — all edited and ready to use. Apart from other interesting search options, the website also allows you to search for Code samples using ISBN or Author of a book.

Hope these websites help you save some time and effort. If you feel there are any better websites which are not listed above, do share the same in your comments.

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