Next Open Coffee Club Bangalore Meetup on 9th November 2008

As part of the next Open Coffee Club, Bangalore meetup, we are in for a special meet on coming Sunday i.e. 9th November 2008.
Open Coffee Club, Bangalore

Open Coffee Club, Bangalore

During this meetup, we will be meeting, interacting and co-learning with 25 students of the Hogeschool Utrecht , University of Applied Sciences who are all following the minor program Innovasia.
The goal of Innovasia is to bridge the gap between the European and Asian cultures in the field of technical innovations. Most of our visitors are technical folks especially from Media Technology and Integrated Product Development.

Members of the Open Coffee Club, Bangalore Chapter will be interacting with the students on the following threads. This also forms the agenda of the meet.

  • Getting to understand each other’s profile.
  • Giving the students a bird’s eye view of Indian Startups & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.
  • A bit about Bangalore. 
  • Doing business between Europe & India: Cultural Aspects.
  • Outsourcing & off-shoring from a practical point of view.
  • Technical Innovations.
  • Intellectual property.
Though the discussion will be free flowing, but we will try to keep it focused, non-academic and with a tab on the watch. Idea is to share more of case studies, examples, personal experiences so that there is more tangible learning and something we all can go back and use.
I encourage OCC startups especially product based and / or from Media Technology to come and interact with Dutch students. Also some of these students can help you point in the right direction (give you some sense) if you are looking to Netherlands as one of your potential geographies.
Important Details: 
Date: 9 Nov 08
Day: Sunday
Time: 11 AM – 1 PM
Venue: ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.
           2nd Floor, Tower C, Corporate Block, Diamond District
           Airport Road, Bangalore – 560 008, India ( Map )
Telephone: +91 80 2508 9572

Important: If you are planning to attend this special meet, Please do mark your confirmation on Upcoming.

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  2. […] Next Open Coffee Club Bangalore Meetup on 9th November 2008 […]

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