YESSS-(Young Entrepreneurs’ Start ups in SoaringSpirits)

Government of Karnataka is organizing an International Conference on IT called Bangalore on 6th, 7th and 8th Nov in Palace Grounds, Bangalore. The various tracks cover various topics such as-ICT in Education, IT Manufacturing-The “Made in India’ story, IT and healthcare etc. among others. This conference will bring together the ‘who’s who’ of the IT industry and offer a plethora of opportunities for mutual growth, 2008 2008

This year, a new segment called YESSS-(Young Entrepreneurs’ Start ups in SoaringSpirits) is introduced, aimed at bringing together young entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs and VCs on a common platform to discuss the various aspects of entrepreneurship.

YESSS – Event Details

It would consist of highly focused & interactive sessions on various aspects of entrepreneurship by high-profile successful entrepreneurs and VCs. The target audience would be focused and consist of budding entrepreneurs and various start-ups in IT/Hardware/ITES sector from all over India and the Venture Capitalists eager to invest their money.

Entry is by invitation only to make sure that the audience is focused and relevant to the event.

Date/Time: Nov 7, 2008. 9 AM to 4 PM
Venue: Palace Grounds

For details, please visit

How Startups can Participate?
1. Nominations are invited from startups in IT/Hardware/ITES space for participation.
2. Interested companies should fill the participation form (in word format only) available at and send it to Nandini at

3. Participant companies will get a chance to listen to VCs, successful entrepreneurs and interact with them

4. Top 10 selected startups (short-listed on certain criterion) will get a 15 minute slot in YESS to make a presentation showcasing your company.

Last date for submission of participation form: October 31, 2008.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is Rs.3,000/-, which entitles you to-

1. 15 minute slot in YESSS to make a presentation showcasing your company, if short-listed.

2. Chance to listen to the mentors, mingle/interact/network with VCs, Angel Investors, Financial Institutions and Successful Entrepreneurs

3. Entry to International exhibition.

Alternatively you can pay Rs 7,500/- and enjoy the benefits of the entire 3 day Conference, and attend Awards Night on 8th (Networking dinner with who’s who of the IT industry)

How VCs/Angel Investors can Participate?

Interested VC/PE firms should fill the participation form (in word format only) available at and send it to Nandini at

Contact Info

For any queries, please contact Nandini Gharpure


Ph: 98867 48973

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Vaibhav Pandey

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  1. Hi Vaibhav,

    I see you met up a good friend of mine 🙂

    Trust all’s well with you,


  2. YESSS …It is very appreciable event, it’s not only grow new businessman also helpful for new employment in IT
    Very well deigned header “YESSS”

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