Google App Engine to Support Java

At the recently concluded Google Developers Day in Bangalore, Keynote speaker Prasad Ram said that Google App Engine will now support Java. Earlier, Google had announced the support of HTTPS on Google App Engine

Google App Engine right now supports Python.In my honest opinion, Giving support for Java must be one of the hardest for Google because of the heavyweight runtime and the difficulty in separating code. On the strategic front, it definitely makes sense. 

As of now, Google uses Python, Java, JavaScript and C++ for their applications (anything else for prototypes).Therefore supporting Java, also bringing JavaScript with it via Rhino, is very likely the next step.In any case, Google App Engine does provide the missing piece to the existing Google Puzzle, answering the most often asked question “How will Google grow when Adwords stops growing up at the same rate?”.

Seems like we can see the puzzle getting solved soon 🙂

For those of you who are new to Google App Engine, the below embedded video should help

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4 Responses

  1. Since now Google AppEngine is supporting Java, we will see more cool web 2 projects choosing Java instead of Ruby or PHP.

    Because almost all hosting companies doesn’t provide cheap support for TOMCAT and J2EE server. So many projects begin small and cheap with PHP. So it’s easier to start with low cost hostings and tools. After, it’s too late you are caught with your previous technological decisions.

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  3. There is a possibility, that Google won’t go with the “real” java and run Dalvik VMs instead (the “java” virtual machine for Android), since they’re more lightweight. Good news anyway!

  4. […] with Java Support? Posted on November 2, 2008 by Vaibhav Pandey On a poll being run on Technofriends earlier, 70% voters said they will use Google App engine once it has Java support enabled.  Poll […]

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