[How-To] Convert your File System to NTFS from FAT

With the release of Windows VISTA, the older FAT and FAT32 drive formats have become obsolete. The new installations of Vista use the more secure and powerful NTFS format by default. 

If you wish to convert your existing FAT/FAT32 drives to NTFS, follow the steps mentioned below. 

1.) Backup all your important data. Backing up your applications is an important step and usually helps in case of an adversity. if you have an automated data backup setup, you are already good to go.

2.) Press the keys in the pattern mentioned below

               Start –> Run –> Type cmd –> press Enter

3.) At the command prompt, remember to replace <drive_name> with the name of the drive volume you wish to convert.

              CONVERT <drive_name>/FS:NTFS 

Convert to NTFS from FAT

Convert to NTFS from FAT

4.) To get more help on CONVERT, at the command prompt type 


What is important to note here is, that, Once you convert a drive or partition to NTFS, you cannot simply convert it back to FAT or FAT32. You will need to reformat the drive or partition which will erase all data, including programs and personal files, on the partition.

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