Designing your Dream house gets easy

All those of you who either are planning to get your house re-designed and re-done or are working out on plans for getting your new house designs and interiors done, have a good website to help you with. is one of the best websites for designing your house online. The website gives you a chance to explore your creative side before you actually get on to implement your ideas. The website offers abundant collection of products you can use to design your house.

In order to get started, follow the steps below.

1.) Point your browser to

2.) Click on the link which says “Sign Up” and create a login.

3.) Once you have signed up, you might be interested in taking a tour of how things work at the website before starting off with your first project. 

4.) Check out a few designs already available on the website. You can share and rate the existing designs. 

5.) Once you have a good feel about the website, start with a new project. Click on the link which says ” Start New Project“.

6.) Select from the various options of Room, Products and Categories to create your room. You can even have fun arranging the furniture on this website.


Living room design from

Living room design from


7.) Once through, save your design.

Hope you enjoyed the post and now have a platform to explore your creative side. Happy designing.

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    Great post. Thanks for the useful info. Gives me what I have been looking for…

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