Windows Search 4 coming to Windows Update

Windows Search 4 is now a part of the Windows Update feature. Though, this feature shall be optional for users on Windows XP, it will be a recommended download for those on Windows Vista.



Microsoft Update Product Team Blog says

Windows XP users will see Windows Search 4.0 available as an Optional update, which means you must visit the Windows Update Web Site to install it. Windows Vista users with SP1 installed will see the update as a Recommended update. This means that, if a Windows Vista user has set their machine to automatically install updates, Windows Search 4.0 will automatically install on PCs running Windows Vista SP1. The release of Windows Search 4.0 to Windows Update will be gradual for these users. If you’re running Windows Vista SP1, and you would like to install it right away, you can go to the Windows Update control panel and install it manually once it is made available.

Another interesting update from the blog is that the structure of the search index has been updated in this release and therefore it would require re-indexing of your files. As this process happens in the background only when the computer is in idle state, you shouldn’t experience major hiccups in terms of performance during the indexing is in progress.

If you are one of those who wishes to control the auto update feature in Windows manually, read my earlier post on this here.

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