[How-To] Get news alerts from CNN-IBN on Gtalk

To get news alerts from CNN-IBN on Gtalk, follow the steps below

1.) Add im@ibnalerts.com to your friends list in Gtalk.



2.) Send Help for help on various news alerts available.

Help on im@ibnalerts.com

Help on im@ibnalerts.com

3.) Follow the instructions mentioned in the help message. For e.g., to get top news from ibnlive, send top.

Top alerts

Top alerts

4.) You can even subscribe to the alerts by following the help obtained after sending subscribe to im@ibnalerts.com

Subscribing to ibnalerts.

Subscribing to ibnalerts.

I am not sure but i guess even other Jabber clients should support this feature. If you have already tried this on other Jabber clients, do comment and share with others.

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5 Responses

  1. its a gud way 2 get alerts……
    i tried ths thng on yahoo..,nt wrkng

  2. Articles and content in this section of the website are really amazing. From http://www.rosesandgifts.com

  3. Really useful for those who need immediate news. I thank IBN live for keeping me updated about Indian performance in Olympics and other current events e.g. N-deal, TATA-NANO issue, etc.
    There are some international news alters also, if somebody is interested, can go for them (one is EIN new alter).

    Keep informed and have fun!!!

  4. […] Also read:  [How-To] Get news alerts from CNN-IBN on Gtalk […]

  5. satellite tv on pc…

    I have been searching for this information. Thanks!…

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