gives you instant simple definitions

Earlier i wrote about Acronyms and how AcronymFinder can be of help when dealing with Acronyms. Similarly, if you are stuck with word definitions and want a quick response, is the website for you. is an interesting website which gives you instant, simple definitions for a word and also has an interesting auto-complete feature. Its particularly useful for times you don’t wish to land up into detailed definition and usage examples but rather only want the definition.


Definr-Logo website says is a fast, free dictionary based on Princeton’s open WordNet 2.0.
The website framework is Ruby on Rails. Looking up words in a dictionary is easy, so we do that with MySQL and cache the top 10,000 definitions in memory.

Definr-definition for vitiate

Definr-definition for vitiate also offers an interesting Firefox extension which integrates well with you Firefox instance and allows you to search for the definitions at a click of a button.

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