Password Chart

Do you have issues with picking and remembering strong passwords? With Password Chart its easy to pick and remember strong passwords. Password Chart is free, easy and secure. All the computations which you do using Password Chart are done in your browser and no password is sent over the internet.

Password Chart

Password Chart

Password Chart website has the following to say on the question ” How it Works?

There is no magic snake oil here, its a simple substitution cipher. Here is how the algorithm works:

  1. An MD5 hash of the chart selection phrase is performed and the first 4 bytes of the hash is used as a random number seed to a Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator.
  2. The password chart is then filled using sequences of 1 to 3 random upper and lower case letters and optionally numbers and punctuation by grabbing successive numbers generated from the Twister. The reason for the random sequence length is to make reversing the substitution cipher a bit harder.
  3. The alphanumeric characters in the password is then converted using the chart.

I offer no proof that the method of generating the chart is “secure”. It is really just meant as a simple and fun substitution cipher that will help people maintain a little more secure set of passwords.

In order to use Password chart, follow the steps mentioned below

Password Chart

Password Chart

1.) Point your browser to

2.) Enter a phrase to create the password chart. Once you enter the phrase, a new password chart is generated for your phrase.

3.) Enter a password to convert using the chart generated through step 2 above. You could also select options for including numbers and punctuations in the chart.

4.) Once you are through, your password is given to you and is ready to be used by you. Next time you want to have your password, all you need to remember is your chart phrase and the password phrase and not the password itself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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