Hacking Ruby on Rails.

I am an avid geek when it comes to network and application security and i truly enjoy reading and executing more about stuff related to these subjects. Earlier, in one of my previous blogpost, i had introduced you to a sandbox system using which you can learn some good to know basics of Hacking. Today let me introduce you to such a system which can help you harden your Ruby on Rails applications by educating you about the various pitfalls.

Foundstone Hacme Casino™ is a learning platform for secure software development and is targeted at software developers, application penetration testers, software architects, and anyone with an interest in application security. This extensible online casino platform is written using Ruby on Rails and demonstrates the security problems that can potentially arise in these applications.

Learn to hack ruby on rails

Learn to hack ruby on rails

In order to try out your hand with this you should have Windows XP Operating system with minimum 256MB RAM free.

The application focuses on exploits such as Blind SQL Injection ( I am planning a big post on SQL Injection in the coming days), Cross-Site requests, Improper Session Handling, Vulnerabilities in Application Logic, Error Message Details. All in all a good to learn from application.

For more information about Foundstone S3i services, go to www.foundstone.com/s3i.
Foundstone S3i training is designed to teach programmers and application developers how to build secure software and to write secure code. Classes include:
· Building Secure Software
· Writing Secure Code – Java (J2EE)
· Writing Secure Code – ASP.NET (C#)
· Ultimate Web Hacking
For the latest course schedule, go to www.foundstone.com/education.

So go ahead and try this out. You can download the application installer which comes with the server, application and tutorial guide from Foundstone by clicking here.

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