[How-To] Fight Information Overload

Recently one of my acquaintance died of a heart attack. He was an independent IT consultant and worked more than 18 hours daily. Though, he did make a lot of money but died while he was still 32.

This is not something which is new these days, the reasons and diagnosis of such an heart attack are beyond the scope of this post. However, what i do wish to write about in this post are some of the tips and tricks which i have learnt over the years working with time critical business sensitive Information.

Fighting Information Overload

Fighting Information Overload

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Certainly, Technology is allowing us to do things we’ve never been able to do, and it’s positively incredible but the downsides are it’s addictive and you can become tied to it in ways that are exhausting.

Below are some of the tips which can help you fight the Information Overload. I hope they work for you as they have worked for me.

1.) Spotting the signs: Do you feel alone even as you communicate with lots of people whole day? This is one of the early signs which indicates that the tech load is eating you up, slowly.

2.) Set limits: Take control of your office email traffic and messenger communications. Nobody likes to get 20 FYI emails on a single project.

3.) Make a task list: Task list is one of those tricks which has certainly helped me a lot. It helps you stay focussed. As soon as you get distracted, have a look at your task list and you will be back on track. Once all the tasks for the day are done, pack up and leave for home. Spend some quality time with your family. It will certainly help you feel relaxed and happy.

4.) Giving clear instructions: Either over the phone calls or send them in writing, but ensure that people who like to reach you get to know that you work and respond to emails only between 11am- 8 pm ( or whatever time suits you). If they need a quicker response they will call you. I know many people who have this embedded in their email signature.

5.) Doing a reality check: Usually while at work i try to stick to a schedule when it comes to surfing web, checking my personal mail, reading the blogs i have subscribed to on my reader etc. If i ever breach that schedule for whatever reason, i ask myself this ” Is this what i should be doing now? “. If my inner conscience says ” No” , i just go back to my task list. Simple !!!

If you have some more tips or tricks which you follow to fight the monster called Information Overload, do share it as comments below.

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  2. hope i will not die <=32 of information overload. good stuff!! will try to follow

  3. specially this post will work for me.

  4. All points are very practical. Giving clear instructions is so undervalued but this actually helps enormously. Clarity and simplicity go a long way to reducing information overload.

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