Gmail update : Multiple Session Info and Remote Logout

Gmail has added another new interesting feature which is in the process of getting rolled out slowly. The new feature shall be available on the new version of gmail and will work with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox.

From now on, if you are one of those who uses multiple computers and usually are logged into Gmail through all of them, and often forgets signing out, this feature shall interest you. With this new feature, you can now track your recent sessions and you can also sign yourself out remotely.

At the bottom of your inbox, you’ll see information about the time of the last activity on your account and whether it’s still open in another location:

Last Account details on Gmail

Last Account details on Gmail

Further Continuing with the above example, you can see more details about the recent activity through that session by clicking on the Details link:

Last Account Details on Gmail

Last Account Details on Gmail

The top table, under “Concurrent session information,” indicates all open sessions, along with IP address and “access type” — which refers to how email was retrieved, for example, through iGoogle, POP3 or a mobile phone. The bottom table, under “Recent activity,” contains your most recent history along with times of access. You can also view my current IP address at the very bottom of this window, where it says “This computer is using IP address…”

With this information,You can quickly verify that all the Gmail activity was indeed yours or not. Being extra cautious, You can also click on the “Sign out all other sessions” button to sign out of the account you left open at one of those computers you used.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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4 Responses

  1. nice security feature,

    wonder why is it that only google comes up with such ideas?

  2. Vaibhav,
    this one is quite useful info. I do face this issue a couple of times when i forget to logoff from one machine … and then simultaneously logon to anothert machine .. i always used to wish that there should be a way to logoff from my remote machine .. 🙂

    Nice info! Thanx!

    ~ Shantanu

  3. […] Also read: Gmail update : Multiple Session Info and Remote Logout […]

  4. this is a great feature.However from past few sessions i do not see it..”details” function.Is there away of turning it off without me realizing it or someone is messing with my account?

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