[How-To] Send and Receive Faxes over the Internet for FREE

Most of us do have to either send or receive faxes at one or the other time. During such moments, either we look up to the Fax machine located centrally somewhere in our office or go to the nearest center which provides fax services.

Send Fax

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In this post, i shall describe some free services using which you can send and receive your faxes over the Internet for Free. However, this post shall be of interest mostly to readers outside India and primarily from US / Canada.

Over the internet we have many services which claim to provide free Fax service. However, they do bring with them a lot of strings. In this post, i am trying to categorize the service for a particular use : Sending Faxes and Receiving Faxes.

If you wish to Send Fax for Free, Faxzero.com is an interesting service. With FaxZero you can send 2 faxes daily. FaxZero only handles the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada at this time. The following are the terms for sending free faxes using FaxZero

FaxZero- Send free faxes online

  • Free!
  • Ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 3 pages
  • Maximum 2 free faxes per day

In order to receive fax for free, visit efax.com. Using eFax , you can receive unlimited faxes and it shows up in your email as and when you receive the fax. With eFax, you’ll get a local or toll-free fax number that’s tied to your email.


Another interesting service you could consider for receiving faxes is FaxDigits. With FaxDigits, the faxes are sent to your email as a PDF. Also, like eFax, you can receive unlimited faxes.

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6 Responses

  1. Interesting post. I researched a bit more after this and found this application that can compare fax prices


    I found some real cheap one that can be used for receiving fax, but all of them give a US number

  2. India is not served again…. 😦

  3. The truth is that if you’re going to be doing any real faxing, you will need to select a service that offers a set number of faxes monthly for a small fee.

    You may find that the “free” is not so free depending on how much business you intend on doing.

    Doing a simple comparison may help you meet your needs

  4. I liked the content on this site. Would like to visit again.

  5. faxmyway is an Indian service

  6. how to send fax thro internet freely.OS is XP.Broadband connection from BSNL.

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