[How-To] Automating data backup in Windows

Data Backup is a crucial step towards a risk free and Healthy PC. However, the task of backing up the data manually is quite a boring job. The good news is that you can automate the data backup process in windows by following the steps mentioned in this post.

Make it a habit to backup your data. The best strategy for backing up your data is to do a full image backup, create an incremental backup every day and create a new full-image backup once a week.

1.) In your Windows machine, Click on Start->All Programs ->Accessories->System Tools-> Backup.

Automating Windows Backup-Step1

2.) Click on Next. The screen then asks you for an input, select “Backup Files and Settings” and click on Next.

Automating Windows Backup - Step2

3.) The next screen asks for your decision, “What do you want to Backup”. Based on your choice, you can choose an optimal option. I usually choose ” My Documents and Settings”. Once selected, click on Next.

Automating Windows Backup-Step3

4.) The next screen asks for Backup Type ( Preselected as File), Destination and name for the backup. Select a location where you wish to save the backup file. Its always safe to have the backup in a different device. Click on Next.

Automating Windows Backup-Step 4

5.) In the screen which follows, clicking on Finish, starts the backup immediately, however, if you click on Advanced and click Next, you get a screen asking for ” When do you want to run the backup?”, Click Later, enter the start date and click on Set Schedule to enter the information into the Scheduler. The scheduler then runs the task as per the schedule.

Automating Windows Backup - Step6

This above mentioned process shall backup your data into a .bkf file with a name as mentioned by you. You can then use the same utility to restore the data back in case of need. Remember to select the option ” Restore Files and Settings”.

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