[How-To] View Webcontent without Passwords

Often while surfing the web for some particular content, we land up at websites which require us to register in order to view the requested content. This post will help you get a handle to an interesting service which helps you get rid of this problem.

BugMeNot.com was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times). BugMeNot.com has a repository of login information for 194153 websites.

In order to access webcontent without registering with the website follow the steps below

1.) Point the URL of your browser to http://www.bugmenot.com

BugMeNot provides you with the login information of many websites.

2.) In the Input box, enter the name of the URL for which you wish to get the login information.

3.) Press the Get Logins button to get the list of Login and Password information for the website.

BugMeNot-Password Page

4.) Make a note of a username and password combination with high success percentage score and use it to log on to the website in question. The chances of your being able to login to the website shall be pretty high this ways.

Happy Surfing!!!

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  1. Hi…this is one of the coolest site ever i have come across….keep it up technofriends and so that i keep myself updated……

  2. […] Also read: [How-To] View Webcontent without Passwords […]

  3. […] Also read: [How-To] View Webcontent without Passwords […]

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