[How-To] Automatically follow your new followers on Twitter

As soon as someone starts following you on Twitter, all you get is a email from the twitter service stating the profile of the person following you. Its upto you to respond back by following him/her or just let him follow you. However, now on, using TweetLater, you can start automatically following your new followers and even send a welcome note.


TweetLater is an interesting Twitter application which lets you schedule your tweets for future. This ways you can actually keep your twitter stream rolling even when you are away from the world of Twitter. However, the most interesting feature of this service is the auto-follow new followers feature. Using this, you can start following all your new followers and even send them a welcome note of your choice.


Follow the steps below to auto follow your new followers using TweetLater

1.) Create a new login account with TweetLater by filling up a simple form. An email is sent to you with a confirmation link for validating the newly created account.

2.) Validate your account by clicking on the link sent over the email.

3.) Once validated, login to your TweetLater account using the TweetLater user id and password created during the registration process.

4.) Add the twitter account details you wish to configure using Add a new twitter account link.

5.) While setting up the twitter account, you can choose to auto-follow the new followers, send welcome note, schedule tweets etc.

You can configure multiple twitter accounts to one TweetLater account.

Previously, we discussed about Summize, Twittercal, TweetStats, Twitterfeed.

Do share your favorite twitter application and i promise to cover them as well in the upcoming posts.

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