What is Javascript and some must watch tutorial videos

In this post, i will briefly try to explain what Javascript is all about and will point you to some interesting videos which you should watch if you are a newbie into the world of Javascript.


JavaScript is a scripting language most often used for client-side web development. This means it runs on your visitor’s computer and so does not require constant downloads from your web site. One most important thing to remember is that Javascript and Java are not the same.They are two completely different computer languages. Its just that Javascript has the mention of Java in it. Almost all the web browsers have built in support for Javascript. This means your javascript code will run on the browser of your website visitor everytime he/she visits your page provided they have Javascript enabled on their respective browser.

Because JavaScript code can run locally in a user’s browser (rather than on a remote server), it can respond to user actions quickly, making an application feel more responsive. Furthermore, JavaScript code can detect user actions which HTML alone cannot, such as individual keystrokes. Applications such as Gmail take advantage of this: much of the user-interface logic is written in JavaScript, and JavaScript dispatches requests for information (such as the content of an e-mail message) to the server.

Although, there are multiple books and free online resources available for learning JavaScript, i would suggest viewing these videos from the Senior JavaScript Architect at Yahoo and creator of JSON, Douglas Crockford.

Douglas in these four videos mentioned below, provides a comprehensive introduction to the JavaScript Programming Language. A must watch for anyone planning to learn Javascript.

Please see that sometimes Yahoo Videos says ” Sorry! This video is no longer available on Yahoo! Video. “ Try refreshing the link again in case of such an error.

If you know of any good videos on Javascript, do drop in your comments and share the same with other readers.

Reader Contribution :  Learning JavaScript Programming Language through Video Lectures (Thanks to Peteris for sharing this wonderful stuff)

Resources: Wikipedia


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3 Responses

  1. Hi! I was wondering if you saw my blog post where I posted not just 4 but around 15 links to javascript video lectures?

    I also wrote the key ideas out from each of the lectures.

    If you haven’t seen it, here is the link:
    Learning JavaScript through Video Lectures


    Peteris Krumins

  2. Hi Peteris.
    Thanks for your comment. I must say its an amazing post by you.

    Thanks a ton for sharing with the readers.


  3. Java script is a cool think which provide user to do lot of things to be done easily.

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