[How-To] Open Firefox Bookmarks Using Keywords

You already know how to get data from your Firefox Cache and why you should not save your passwords using Firefox, in this post i will bring to you an interesting hack which allows you to open Firefox Bookmarks using a keyword.

You can open any firefox bookmark using a simple keyword attached with it. The keyword needs to be stored as a property for the bookmark. This hack is pretty useful when trying to open long URL’s.

For example, lets assume you wish to save http://www.technofriends.in into your bookmarks folder as one of the favorite item and would like http://www.technofriends.in to open up anytime you enter TF and press enter in your firefox browser tab/window.

1.) Drag and drop the link to the page http://www.technofriends.in into your Link toolbar or click on the menu link Bookmarks –> Organize Bookmarks.

Firefox-Bookmarks Manager

2.) Click on the menu link File –> New Bookmark or select the icon which says ” New Bookmark”

Open Bookmarks using Keyword in Firefox

3.) Enter the details for the bookmark like ” Name” for the name of the bookmark, ” Location” stores the URL of the webpage you wish to bookmark, in our case, http://www.technofriends.in and ” Keyword” for the keyword you wish to use, in our case “tf”. Enter “Description” if you wish to.

4.) Click on OK and close the Organize Bookmarks window.

5.) Now open a new browser tab/ window and key in tf and hit enter in the browser. Keywords are case-insensitive. Entering TF or tf shall render the same results.

6.) http://www.technofriends.in opens up. You just finished setting up and testing the keyword hack for opening bookmarks in browsers. This hack is pretty useful when trying to open long URL’s like banking websites login page, your wordpress.com dashboard page etc.

For already existing bookmarks, click on the properties tab of the bookmark and enter the keyword, save the details by clicking OK and you are done.

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  1. […] stored as a property for the bookmark. This hack is pretty useful when trying to open long URL??s.http://technofriends.in/2008/05/15/how-to-open-firefox-bookmarks-using-keywords/Amazon.com: Property: Valerie Martin: BooksProperty and over 120000 other books are available for […]

  2. yes this feature is good in firefox.

  3. […] Also read: [How-To] Open Firefox Bookmarks Using Keywords […]

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