[How-To] Remove USB Devices Safely

Often we get stuck with the Windows Safely Remove Hardware Icon, trying to stop the device which just doesn’t stop. In such scenarios, the question most of us ask is ” Now, how do i remove this device safely, without losing any data? ”

Windows Safely Remove Hardware display notification

This post, describes two methods of removing USB Devices safely from your Computer, even if the Windows Safely Remove Hardware program gives off with a message ” The device cannot be stopped right now”

Kill the Process

This is the first way to go, try opening your Task Manager ( Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or Right Clicking on the Task Bar and selecting Task Manager from the menu)

Try identifying the process being run by the USB Device. It could be anything from that drive – a file name, a process with similar name etc. Once the process is identified, kill that process and try again with the Safely Remove Hardware icon ( if still shown)

USB Safely Remove

Download and install USB Safely Remove, USB Safely Remove is a shareware program which puts its own icons in the system tray in place of Windows Safely Remove Hardware Icon.

If due to any reason, USB Safely Remove is not able to safely close a drive, it shows you what processes are causing the problem and allows you to stop them.

Process Details for USB Drive

Other interesting features of USB Safely Remove include Removing USB Drive with one click, assigning Hotkeys for removing a drive, Correcting and clearing device names, setting up autorun options and name notifications about the connected and removed devices.

Give USB Safely Remove a try.

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One Response

  1. Hey Nice Post.
    But I have to say that no matter how many times I hear “Safetly remove USB of you’re going to loose your data” I still have some beef with it. I never do the safe remove and I have never had any problems. This also goes for my friend and such.

    I’d like to hear some horror stories if anyone can share?


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