Share Items with a note in Google Reader

Google Reader, one of the most widely used feed reading software application has added a new feature. Now, you can add notes to your share items in Google Reader. This gives an interesting view to your friends who see your shared items. Now they also can see a small note from you along with the shared item.

Share a link with a note on Google Reader

Now your friends won’t have to wonder if the B-movie about an evil floor lamp you shared was intended to be funny, sarcastic, ironic or the real motivation behind your next movie night.

Google Reader Link Sharing with a note

Shared by me on Google Reader

To enable this, drag the link Bookmarklet for sharing notes in reader (Click here) to your browser toolbar.

This also allows you to share any content from any web page, even if the site doesn’t have a feed. For even more control over what gets shared, select some text from the page before clicking the “Note in Reader” bookmarklet and your selection will appear as the item’s body. There’s also a space for you to add an editorial note when you need to let your friends know why you are sharing something. You can always uncheck “Add to shared items” if you want to add something to Reader without also adding it to your shared items.

The above displayed items are shared from Technofriends feed.

Via : Google Reader Blog

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