Twitter can help you Quit Smoking

You must be wondering as to how Twitter can help you quit smoking and live longer. Well, the answer is Qwitter, a free social tool that helps you quit Smoking.

Qwitter Logo

Qwitter uses Twitter to keep a record of your smoking pattern and tracks the number of cigarettes you smoke during a day. It also provides a journal feature to help you get support from others in the same situations, as you strive to smoke less. It also allows you to view your progress over time and share it with others who can support you.

To get started follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Create an account on Twitter (opens new window). Qwitter uses a popular web service called Twitter to do its magic. Twitter allows you to send updates to your friends via the web, instant messaging or your cell phone.
  2. Tell Qwitter when you smoke. Each time you light up, send Qwitter the number of cigarettes you just smoked by posting an update to Twitter in the following format.

    @iquit 3

    That will tell Qwitter you just smoked 3 cigarettes. Every day, Qwitter will add together all the posts you sent that day and add them to your progress graph.

    Alternatively, post once a day with the total number of cigarettes you plan to smoke.

  3. Save a journal. You can keep track of your thoughts and feelings as you stop smoking. Send Qwitter a message that doesn’t start with a number, and Qwitter will add it to your journal.

    @iquit I really want a smoke. I hope this gets easier.

  4. Track your progress, get help from others and stop smoking. Visit your Qwitter page at to see your trend over time. Share this link with others so they can offer support and hold you accountable.

*Any information you send to Qwitter is publicly visible. Do not share private information with Qwitter.

Quitting tobacco isn’t easy, but it can be done. Go ahead and say No to Smoking. For some interesting tips on quitting tobacco, follow the links below
Qwitter Tips Page Smoking Cessation tips page, enlists some very good tips for you.

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5 Responses

  1. We are smokers who have come to realize how offensive smoke odor is. Our website,, provides a campaign platform to raise the awareness of people who smoke and to help them stop smelling like ashtrays and smoke considerately.

    A free reproducible pamphlet and mini-poster can help you get the message across about how smokers can smoke considerately.

    Smoke Considerately is an idea whose time has come. Please help us spread the word.

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  3. Alternatively you can tell everyone you know that if they catch you smoking you’ll give them £50.00
    Make sure you have the £50.00 in your pocket at all times as there are no IOU’s with this method.

    Each cigarette could potentially hit you almost as hard in the wallet as it does in the chest.

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