Multiple Ways to Access Twitter from your Mobile Phone.

I must admit, I am a big time twitter fan. If you happen to be new to the word Twitter, read this previous post, What is Twitter? and if you happen to be a blogger you should read this as well, How to publicize your blog using Twitter.

Twitter for Mobile

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Not many people know that Twitter can also be accessed using your mobile phone. There are infact, multiple ways of doing so. This post explains the various methods of accessing Twitter from your mobile phone.

1.) Mobile page of Twitter : If you have GPRS/Wifi connection on your Mobile, point your mobile browser to to access your twitter page.

2.) Third Party Mobile Applications: There are many third party mobile application built around Twitter’s API’s, just doing a google for Mobile twitter applications gives a good amount of Twitter Mobile applications.If you have a Java compatible handset, you might like to try Abiro Jitter.

3.) Mobile version of Fring and e-buddy: Using mobile versions of Fring and e-buddy you can login to Google Talk and send and receive tweets. A simple trick even allows you to make a free mobile call using Fring.

4.) Via SMS: You can configure your twitter account so that you can send and receive updates on and from your cellphone via sms’s ( though this is the costliest of all the above mentioned options). To configure your phone for this follow the steps below

Log in to Twitter.
Click the Settings link in the top navigation bar.
Click Phone&IM.
Enter your phone number in the field provided.
Wait for the verification code to pop up and text it to Twitter at +44 7624 801423

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