Styles introduced in Google Docs

I have been using Google Docs quite often since its launch sometime last year, since then, the service has gone through pretty good number of changes, like addition of forms feature in Google Docs Spreadsheet application. The latest in the series is the addition of Styles.

From now on, you can edit the CSS of your document in Google Docs to add some styling. However, the point to remember is that CSS editing is an advanced subject and you should play with it only if you happen to be an expert in it. If you are new to the subject of CSS, a simple google search for “CSS Examples” or “CSS Tutorials” is a good place to start.

Google docs introduces CSS editing.

Post from Google Docs group says

It’s important to note that CSS is something that takes advanced knowledge and we don’t recommend utilizing this functionality unless you’re comfortable and familiar with it.

Templates, Styles and Better Formatting had been amongst the most requested Google Docs features. With the introduction of CSS Editing feature, users can now apply their own CSS to the docs. This leads to the fact that now users can technically make their own templates. Soon we might see Google releasing a few templates for us to use as well.

For a more detailed explanation of how CSS Editing works in Google Docs, click here.

Now users have the ability to apply CSS to their documents — this means users can technically make their own templates if they are ambitious enough. I don’t think it will be long before Google gives us a bunch of templates to choose from.

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