Summize: Realtime Twitter Search

From my previous posts you learnt about Twitter as in What is Twitter, How Twitter can help you get more productive and about the Polls feature introduced for Twitter by PollDaddy.

With Twitter’s popularity graph going up exponentially day after day, lets talk about the much needed feature Twitter Search. Summize , the web application which helps to connect you with the opinions of millions of people on zillions of products has come up with Realtime Twitter Search Engine.

Summize-Twitter-Search indexes Twitter’s public timeline in realtime, thread together associated tweets, and gives you the search tools to dig in. Summize Blog also talks about the Search Options which can enhance your Twitter search.

Search Options

Refine your queries with these optional search operators:

You can use the “Search Options” dropdown next to the search box to automatically introduce these search operators. The dropdown also includes an option to find tweets written in a given language.

I tried doing a search about Muziboo and found the results pretty impressive.

Search results for Muziboo on Twitter

Do share your comments on this.

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7 Responses

  1. Wow .. this is cool tool man

    can u set an alert here like google alert .. that would be cool!

  2. Good idea Prateek. Twitter has its API’s open, i guess someone should just go ahead and write this application.


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  4. Hi Vaibhav — this is Greg from Summize.

    Thanks for the positive review on our Twitter Search — definitely pass along any more feedback as you use the service.

    Prateek — For any query on Summize you can subscribe to an Atom feed (the link is in the right column). Check out our API page.

  5. Thanks Greg for the comment. Defintely would be sharing with you all the feedbacks.

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