Email2SMS: Send Free SMS in India using Email.

Earlier, i explained how simple it is to send free sms in India using 160by2. Today, i am going to talk about Emails2SMS. Email2SMS is a 160by2 feature to send Free text messages or SMS in India using Email Application. This application is particularly useful for people who find blocked in their respective office or network.

The process of sending free sms in India using Email is pretty simple and straight. You need to be a 160by2 member to use Email2SMS. Follow the steps below to send a free sms using your Email application

1.) Launch your favorite email client ( Outlook/ Gmail/ Yahoo etc.). This email application should be connected to the email addressed you registered with

2.) In the To field mention type receiver mobile number


3.) In the subject field, enter your UserId or Phone Number.

4.) In the body, you can enter the text to be sms’ed. Remember, it shouldn’t exceed 80 characters.

Hope you enjoyed learning this simple method of sending free sms anywhere in India using your Email application.

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19 Responses

  1. […] Email2SMS: Send Free SMS in India using Email. […]

  2. Hey, its now very nice of you…. I got my mobile mail id free of cost…. Now, I can do whatever I have told to others. Check out my blog to know how to get email alerts and also orkut scraps on mobile phone as sms….

    Thanks a lot dude…..

  3. Sapno me aayenge hum sms ki tarah,dil me bass jayege hum rington ki tarah.
    Pyar hamara kabhi kam na hoga balance ki tarah,par tum bizzy na rahena network ki tarah………………………

  4. If you know the other party’s carrier, then you can send email that will be delivered as sms without going through a third party. Many carriers provide the email/sms gateway. The only problem is to know the carrier and the carrier’s id.

  5. Thanks Aswath, Pavan for the comments.

    @Aswath: Is that feature still working? I guess it was stopped by the carrier’s sometime back owing to pricing issues. But if its thr its a good thing to have.

  6. It is working for Airtel as of May 2nd.

  7. @ Vaibhav

    Please try out this and find out if you get any solution…

  8. hello friends plese register on for find room and roommates.

  9. So Nice Of You.. It’s rather convenient to use thi method than a cell, for those who are on the net most of the time.




  11. Recently I found this great site for sending free text messages here in India: . This one should work for sure, if not, you can try the one in my sig (this is mine, but very new, so not sure if it works properly, still in beta…

  12. No doubt, the concept of free SMSs is getting older day by day with mobile phones and the Internet as mediums to transmit SMSs to other compatible devices is a common phenomenon. Imagine, you send free SMS to your friend and in return you receive money for each SMS. Quite astounding, isn’t it? Well, it is all happening in India and changing the way people communicate. The interesting thing is that you can also be paid for receiving SMSes from your friend. How does it possible? As a member, you get an opportunity to make money through free SMS.

  13. Hi Vaibhav,

    At first you please open the site after that you may post,because what ever thing you posted that is not working as well the info was not correct.

    never mind

  14. Is that feature still working? I guess it was stopped by the carrier’s sometime back owing to pricing issues. But if its thr its a good thing to have.

  15. sorry

  16. hello,
    I need a free web based sms API which i can integrate into my website. Can anyone tell me such site.

    thanks in advance

  17. hiiiiiiiiiii

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