Some interesting reads from the Blogosphere

If you haven’t yet read these great posts, go ahead and give them a Read.

1.) Best practices when moving your site : This great post from the Google Webmaster Blog explains the best practices to follow when moving your site so that you don’t end up hurting your site’s performance in Google Search results.

2.) New Facebook Feature: Import Your Digg Stories! : This blogpost is about the new feature introduced by Facebook. This allows you to import your Digg Stories to your Facebook mini feed.

3.) Get Your Database Under Version Control : Databases are critical part of our applications. This post is about the importance of getting your Database under version control.

4.) 24 Killer plugins for your WordPress blog : This interesting post by Mani ( I met him at the BCB6 camp) talks about 24 plugins which you should use in your WordPress blog.

5.) Fix Your Broken Outlook Personal Folders (PST) File : Read this interesting post to fix your Broken Personal Folder files in Microsoft Outlook.

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