Power Capacity of USB Ports

Previously, i wrote about the hack to enable and disable USB and also the simple way to know if you have a USB1.1 or a USB 2.0 on your PC. In this post which is also about USB or the Universal Serial Bus, i share with you an interesting finding. I often come across USB ports which are filled up with USB hubs that are further packed with USB devices. Such scenarios are becoming common these days with most of the electronic devices offering USB support. However, in such scenarios, the thing to remember is the power capacity of USB ports .

A single USB root hub, which typically supports two USB ports on a PC’s motherboard, delivers a maximum of 500 miliamps (500 mA) of electricity to its attached devices. In case, if the power demand exceeds this figure, the possibility of the entire USB bus shutting down is huge.

If you are using Windows XP, you can check the power needs of your USB port by following the steps mentioned below

1.) Right Click ‘My Computer’ and select Manage.

2.) From the Computer Management window, select Device Manager.

3.) Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers double click each instance of USB Root Hub.

Ensure that your USB devices are not underpowered.

4.) Select the Power tab for each one. This tab displays the power being used by each USB port or the device attached.

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