Orkut on Mobile and OpenSocial Apps are LIVE

Orkut has finally released the support for Mobile. You can from now on access your Orkut account using the URL http://m.orkut.com

Orkut on Mobile

Hazel Mary, a Software Engineer with Orkut writes

We understand that oftentimes your phone’s data network isn’t as fast (or as cheap) as your computer’s, so in designing orkut for mobile, we focused on offering the features that are most useful when you’re on the move, instead of replicating all the desktop features. For example, we’ve made it easy to send, receive, and respond to scraps on our mobile interface so that you can step away from your computer and have conversations on the go. From your phone, simply click the new “Reply” link to respond directly to a scrap from your friend. You can also read recent updates from your friends, view upcoming birthdays, look up and add friends, and accept friend requests.

You can send your feedback to the Orkut team by clicking on the Help link at the bottom of Mobile Orkut homepage screen.

As another news, Orkut Apps or the Open Social Apps on Orkut are also live in India. One of my favorite app on this is TypeRacer.

Check this video below for a quick tour of Orkut Applications.

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4 Responses

  1. […] instead of replicating all the desktop features. For example, we??ve made it easy to send, recehttp://technofriends.in/2008/04/18/orkut-on-mobile-and-opensocial-apps-are-live/Test your typing with TypeRacerAn addictive online multiplayer game. http://typeracer.com/TypeRacer, […]

  2. […] Also read: Orkut on Mobile and OpenSocial Apps are LIVE […]

  3. I really hated the new mobile view of orkut..
    you should know that now in india, Internet is faster hn light…
    And anyways , you should give the user an option to select between mobile and classical view..

    PLEASE CHANGE IT ! ! !! !

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