IT Knowledge Exchange: A free edition of Experts Exchange

Experts Exchange is one of the famous and most used forum for all IT related issues/problems. However, as this forum happens to be a paid one; there have been many attempts to crack open its authentication mechanism so as to allow free access. Over the months, i have found atleast 3-5 different ways mentioned in various blogs like this and this and this. This clearly shows the interest in getting quality solutions for free. In order to get free solutions to your problems, i would suggest using IT Knowledge Exchange.

IT Knowledge Exchange

IT Knowledge Exchange is part of the TechTarget network of technology focused sites and as per the website was created to allow IT professionals to ask questions and get answers in a collaborative manner.

IT Knowledge Exchange was created to allow IT pros to ask questions, get answers,
collaborate and exchange knowledge with their peers. Whether you are looking for
an answer to an IT problem that has got you stuck or feel like helping your peers
by answering their questions, IT Knowledge Exchange allows you to easily find the
answer you are looking for.

IT Knowledge Exchange has a huge variety of questions. Users get points and ratings to answer the questions. Its definitely worth a try for all your IT related doubts. Go ahead and give it a try, am sure you would like it.
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