Freelancer’s Toolbox: 5 Websites you must check

Since a few weeks i was trying to figure out a websites which offer work to Freelancers working in the area of graphic designing, websites development and programming. For the information of my readers, these websites are usually marketplaces wherein project owners and providers interact, bid and get the stuff done and thereby earn money.

After having done some research, i feel its time that i write about them. Below is the list of 5 websites i feel you ( as a freelancer/ provider/ project owner) must register with.

1.) Elance: Elance is a Freelance job search database which covers open positions in fields like writing, website development, graphics, sales and support, Legal, Engineering and more.


2.) is an amazingly large free online marketplace for freelancers. has many freelance job types available.

3.) Craigslist: Craigslist is a well known classified engine which has listing for freelancers as well… and believe me, it works.


4.) GetaFreelancer: GetaFreelancer has a huge selection of variety of freelance jobs for programmers, web designers, writers, graphic designers and many more.


5.) iFreelance: iFreelance has at any point of time many opportunities for web and graphic designers as well as programmers. Worth a try.


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