ComicBase: Comic Collectors charm

Comic Base is definitely one of those softwares which is bound to bring great joy to all the comic lovers and collectors.ComicBase is a comic book management software which comes packed with lots of features. The software comes in various versions which range from Free ComicBase to Professional Edition.

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Comic Base

Some of the salient features of the Free version of the software are

  • Built-in listings and values for virtually every English language comic.
  • Barcode support for lightning-fast data entry.
  • Handles collections of up to 500 comics.

PC Magazine recently gave ComicBase 10 a 4.5 out of 5. Don Labriola from PC Mag wrote

ComicBase 9 was the best comic-collecting software we’d seen, so we’re impressed that Version 10 is a must-have upgrade. In addition to CB9’s 250,000-issue price guide, slick interface and tutorials, PDA interface, online price-checking features, and flexible search and reporting, the new version, with a bar-code reader, lets you quickly enter books and updates itself every week with new releases and pricing changes. It offers an unmatched combination of ease of use, comprehensiveness, functionality, and timeliness.

Aaron Albert from also write about ComicBase and mentions the Pro’s and Con’s for the software in his post. He says

Pros: Excellent database and data quality of comics, very easy to input comics, including updated value information, easily add missing comics to a wishlist, built-in buying and selling capabilities.

Cons: Search capabilities are limited, comics can only be viewed a title at a time, price.

Go on and get Comicbase from here.

Also read: Google and Comic Search.

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