[How-To] Get more from your iPod Battery

In one of my previous post, i had written about steps one can take to save mobile battery and make it go longer. However, as we become more technology oriented, saving the battery for longer playback time becomes a concern; iPod is therefore no different. In this post, i shall be talking about a few simple steps which one can take in order to get more juice out of his/her iPod battery.

  • When listening to Music, slide the HOLD switch to ON. This in turn disables power to your iPod’s controls which in turn means saving battery power.
  • Turn off the Equalizer: Go to Settings -> EQ-> Off. Equalizer settings definitely improves the sound quality but they do suck a lot of battery power as well.
  • Turn off the Backlight: Go to Settings -> Backlight -> Off. Switching the backlight to off also saves a lot of battery power.
  • Create your playlists in iTunes: We usually have a tendency to create our playlists using our iPod. Although, this is not a sin but it does take some juice of your iPod battery. So in order to save that precious battery juice create your playlists using iTunes application.
  • When not listening to iPod, set your iPod to sleep: This is one of the best tricks to get the best from your iPod battery. When you are not listening your iPod, keep the play/pause button pressed till it turns off. This is called putting your iPod to sleep.

Do comment and share your tricks on this. I promise to update them in this post 🙂

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  2. […] [How-To] Get more from your iPod Battery […]

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  4. […] Also read: [How-To] Get more from your iPod Battery […]

  5. […] Also read: [How-To] Get more from your iPod Battery […]

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