[How-To] Shutdown your Windows machine instantly

Often we notice that our Windows machine takes a lot of time to Shut down. One of my reader has dropped me a mail writing about the issues like Long wait time for a non responding program to end etc etc. For all such dismayed readers and for all those willing to learn something new, i present this post targeted at shutting down windows machine ( read: PC) instantly.

As all of you know, Windows uses a registry mechanism for many reasons. Some of them being :

  • Separation of “machine” settings from “user” settings.
  • Support for different settings for different users.
  • A centralized location for shared software.
  • Roaming support.
  • Registry level Security.

Also, it must be noted that playing with registry settings can cause harm to your system. Therefore be very cautious about the edits you do with your registry settings.

In order to shut down your Windows PC instantly, the best way is to kill your apps. This is particularly important as many programs just refuse to say a clean bye and prefer hanging in the pool. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your Windows PC shut down instantly by killing such apps.

  • F0llow Start -> Run -> Regedit.
  • Follow upto the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Control Panel->Desktop.

Kill Apps
  • Double click the parameter with name ” WaitToKillAppTimeout“. The value contained in this parameter is in milliseconds. Enter a value based on your patience level. I suggest keeping a value of 1300 if you are really impatient and wish to kill the apps as soon as you press shut down.
    • Double click the parameter with name ” HungAppTimeout“. The value contained in this parameter is in milliseconds. The parameter governs the time to wait before closing Hung Applications. I would suggest keeping a value of 2000 here.
    • Click OK when done. Reboot your PC for the new values to come into force.

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        5 Responses

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        2. why to wait ? when want to kill the applications 🙂

          Nice piece of information …


        3. Thanks for the information. Sometimes I feel like turning 50 is the only way to tell if my computer has finally shut down.

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