Java: Lets revisit the past

Some Java posts which i wrote in the past which still attract lots of readers.

  • Java: Lifecycle of a Java Program: This post talks about the Lifecycle of a Java program.It talks about the various stages a program goes through, right from the time its developed to the time its deployed.
  • Polymorphism in Java : Part 1: When i started understanding Polymorphism, one sentence that many people ( infact my college profs) told me was it refers to One Object, many forms. I could never understand this till i actually starting giving it a serious thought ( and that was some years later). Today, here at Technofriends blog, I would like to share my knowledge on Polymorphism and how it is implemented in Java.
  • Polymorphism in Java : Part 2: After having understood the basics of Polymorphism and what it actually refers to in my previous post, now lets get on and try understanding Method Overloading in a little more detailed fashion.

One Response

  1. thanks ….
    for this post its working …
    but can u post some tutorial for static keyword use in our application ..
    and also can u post some tutorial about INNER CLASSES and its use in any application .where i neeed it ..this topic is too confusing for me

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