Google adds Forms Feature to Spreadsheets

This is one of those features which goes very well with the spirit of Google, making use of the information available and presenting it in a meaningful way.

Google docs has added yet another interesting feature which lets a Spreadsheet author send mail invites to other users with fields for the recipients to fill. As the users respond, the spreadsheet gets automatically filled in with the data. What is interesting about this feature is that all this happens at the real time. A clear distinction between desktop and web software.

Google Docs

To begin playing around with this feature, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Create a new Google spreadsheet.
  • Fill in some desired column names and values ( if needed).
  • Click on the link called Share.
  • Select radio pointing to the choice fill out a formNEW .
  • Click on Invite Collaborators.

As soon as you are done with this, a mail is sent to the user with the form fields. The beauty of this application is that as users enter the values and submits the form, the spreadsheet automatically gets filled. Also, the users have the option of seeing previous values entered so far.

Clearly, We just don’t need web versions of our desktop software. We, as end users need web software that takes advantage of being online.

[Source: Official Google Docs Blog ]

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4 Responses

  1. another good tip …
    though i was familiar with the excel, ppt and word in google docs … but this info (fields getting self updated through user replying detail forms) is something that i was not aware of…

    Nice Info .. Thanx !!

  2. Thanks Shantanu.
    Well, this is a new feature which has recently been added to Google docs Spreadsheet application.

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