Some more Gmail Hacks

I have been using Gmail since the day it was launched and have always found it easy and interesting to work with. Also, few days back, i had written a post which described about sorting unread messages in Gmail so that they always appear at the top. Today, in this post, i shall present you with some more Gmail Hacks which can help you get most out of Gmail ( my favorite email engine).


Date Search using Gmail

In Gmail, making use of correct keywords is important. Lets assume you wish to search for mails delivered to you within a date range ( for eg. mails received between 12th Feb 2007 to 10th March 2007). The search query required to be typed in the search box should in this case should be

after:07/02/12 before:07/03/10.

Finding mails with Attachments

Lets now assume that you wish to search for mails with attachments from a particular user ( lets say Hari), then, type in the following in searchbox

from:Hari has:attachment

You can even club a few more keywords. For example, if you wish to search for all the mails in Inbox from Hari which have an attachment and were received between 12th Feb 2007 to 10th March 2007, the following search query should help

in:inbox from:Hari has:attachment after:07/02/12 before:07/03/10.

For your help on these keywords, Google also has a detailed table listing all the keywords. This can be obtained by clicking here

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4 Responses

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  2. I never knew gmail had so much functionality. I like the has:attachment command. Thanks.

  3. I don’t think there is need to remember all these syntaxes. There is always “Show search options” option next to the search the web button. You will get all the options you mentioned above, and will make the searching more easy. 🙂

  4. […] readers can go ahead and read on my post on some interesting Gmail Hacks. Also, another old post which describes the method of finding IP Address of the sender in Gmail […]

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