Gmail will now be available in 37 languages

As per the Official Gmail Blog, Gmail will soon be available in 37 languages. This rollout is expected to start tonight. This means, if you have been using English, you can now actually change your default language using the Settings menu and take advantage of the features going to be launched for your preferred language.


The blogpost also mentions the following features which shall be added to Gmail

  • Colored labels
  • Group chat
  • Rich emoticons
  • A new contact manager with a three-pane layout
  • A number of smaller features, such as new shortcut keys and the ability to bookmark individual emails with your browser





12 Responses

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  2. Quite Interesting … !!!

  3. i still wonder how you keep getting up-to-date information on all such stuff … !! 🙂

  4. why don’t u gor for your own news channel dude …
    … maybe … “Technofrenzz Newzz” or something like dat .. ?? 😉

  5. Thanks for all that appreciation brother.
    Cheers to readers like you that Technofriends is amongst the most read Indian blogs

  6. Dude you just copy paste or what? And that also is not done properly 😛
    The things which YOU are saying will be added to GMail like color label n all have been there since ages!
    You can delete this comment after you read. I am not here to advertise myself or something. But if you are claiming to be “amongst the most read Indian blogs” n all better write so! i.e. without any mistakes please. 🙂 I hope you have no issues with whatever i said 🙂

  7. Nice comment Sameer. I hope you did read the post correctly, wherein I have mentioned the source of the post to be Official gmail blog. The gmail blog has mention of all the features for the new language gmail. What you see now in gmail is available only in english.
    Hope you did get the point right.

  8. I didn’t say anything in about the language…. I had mentioned about the things like labels and all. The Gmail blog clearly says that those features were included already and only the language thing was new….but you said those all things were new which is not correct.
    Even I hope you get the point 🙂

  9. thats great .. actually i have been using gmail since college .. but of course my yahoo account is still the longest account im using … but i find gmail more secured

  10. cool!

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