How-To: In GMAIL, show unread mails at the top in your inbox?

Anup Singh from Mizoram has dropped me a mail query asking for a way by which he can show his unread GMAIL mails at the top of his inbox without going through the advanced search feature. Although, Gmail does offer an advanced search option wherein the user can enter his/her criteria of seeing only the Unread mails, the trick that i often use is to search the mail using labels.


At the search box, type in any of the queries mentioned to show unread mails from the inbox

label:unread in:inbox or

label:unread label:inbox

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. In fact, doing a few advanced searches and looking at the search strings, you can get a lot of useful information on how Gmail works.

    it would be cool if you can make an advance search as the dIefault view.

  2. […] easy and interesting to work with. Also, few days back, i had written a post which described about sorting unread messages in Gmail so that they always appear at the top. Today, in this post, i shall present you with some more […]

  3. Also this label:Index is:Unread or you cant use “is:” in others thinks, like “is:Read” or “is:Startted” or some thing like that…

  4. […] Also read: How-To: In GMAIL, show unread mails at the top in your inbox? […]

  5. Thanks for the tip! Worked perfectly.

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