Get Paid to be Interviewed For Jobs is a relatively new service which is making news these days for its unique model wherein the interviewee gets paid for giving an interview.Logo

NotchUp is as of now in its beta stage , and therefore , in an effort to keep the user base concentrated on people worthy of recommendations and referrals, users need to either apply or join based on an invite sent out by an existing member.

Google, Yahoo, Barracuda, Piczo and Medium are some of the tech giants using the service early.

Notchup’s model aims at removing the fees companies often shell out to headhunters and thereby cutting the cost of hiring an employee.

Some of the salient features of

  1. Import your linked in profile ( No need to fill in those boxes)
  2. Stats for your Interview Performance.
  3. Stats related to the offers made to you.
  4. Inviting friends gets you 10% of their earnings.

However, bloggers around the world are also complaining about Notchup’s terms and conditions policy. Have a look at one such post by Russ here and here

In my honest opinion, one must be very clear with the approach and the vision before signing up for services like Notchup. Features wise, its rich and well presented and even gives an opportunity to squeeze out some extra money from those potential employers 🙂




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