Blogging: 7 essential Firefox add-ons

Blogging is a buzzword these days. According to a blog study which happened in 2006, around 500 million USD were generated by top 50000 blogs.

Below, keeping this revenue potential and the blog buzzword in mind, i am presenting a list of seven essential firefox add-ons which i believe can do you wonders and make your blogging experience more smooth.

  • Clipmarks : This firefox extension is a handy tool for clipping parts of a webpage and posting it to your blog quickly. Get it from here



  • Deepest Sender: Deepest Sender is a client that will allow you to post to blogs from directly within Firefox. It is primarily a LiveJournal client, although it supports Blogger (GData) and WordPress (metaWeblog) too, with support for more stuff to come. Get it from here

Deepest Sender
  • ScribeFire: ScribeFire (previously Performancing for Firefox) is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog. ScribeFire lets you drag and drop items from a web page directly to your blog post. Get it from here


  • Adsense Notifier : Adsense Notifier lets you find out how much you have earned from AdSense by displaying it in the browser status bar.Get it from here
Adsense Notifier
  • Greasemonkey :Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. Hundreds of scripts, for a wide variety of popular sites, are already available at You can write your own scripts, too. Check out to get started. Get this from here
  • Load Time Analyzer: The Load Time Analyzer allows developers to measure and graph how long web pages take to load in Firefox.Load Time Analyzer produces graphs that show the occurrence of events such as requests for the page, images, stylesheets and scripts, along with events like the execution of an onload script. Get it from here
  • KGen : KGen helps you optimize your blog for a search engine by presenting you with the strongest keywords on your blog. KGen retrieves every words of a page and lets you know how many time they appears on her and their weight in the page (a word in the title of a page has a stronger weight than a word in a paragraph).Get it from here
Hope you found these add-ons interesting. In case if some of the links seem to be not working, i would suggest that you search for the mentioned Firefox Add-ons at
Do share your add-ons too with me.

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  2. […] bookmarks tagged adsense Blogging: 7 essential Firefox add-ons saved by 5 others     finch250 bookmarked on 02/06/08 | […]

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