YouTorrent: Search Torrents the way you search for flight tickets

Let’s admit it, we do search for torrents. Although there are many different licit reasons for doing so, torrent search has always been an art. With loads of websites offering torrent libraries, availability of torrent has never been an issue. However, the major issue has always been the quality of ads they feature 😉 ( makes you get that naughty guilt feeling altogether 😉 )


YouTorrent comes in with a host of features, the best one being its ZERO AD User Interface. The site is a meta search engine ( remember the word meta), which in turn means that it doesn’t host any torrent files by itself. It currently searches 12 sources; Mininova, The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, MyBittorrent, NewTorrents, SuprNova, Monova, Vuze, BitTorrent, LegitTorrents, SeedPeer and BTjunkie.

As soon as you hit Search on the mainpage, YouTorrent’s meta search engine scans the index of all the above mentioned torrent libraries and gives a result in an easy to understand Tabular format. The table can be sorted as per the Date, Torrent, Size, Seeds, Peers and Engine. ( They definitely get 8/10 for a clean and easy to understand UI)

As per the official Youtorrent blog, the upcoming features are:

Better blog design (naturally!)
– Information pages (about, help, FAQ .etc)
– Boolean Searches (support for AND, OR and + – )
– Linux Firefox Support
– Static Cached Results Pages
– Advanced Search Features
– Engine Customization Options
– More Engine Selections
– Official Firefox Search Plugin


Check it out and let me know your experiences about the same.





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  1. Wow !!!

    Thanks for sharing the information 🙂

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