How-To: Set multiple homepages in Firefox.


Firefox allows you to set multiple home page’s using a special delimiting character notation. If you wish to set two or more homepages using Firefox, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on Tools menu.
  • Select Options.

Multiple Homepages

  • In the main tab there is a textbox with a label called HomePage
  • You can fill in as many URL’s as you wish by seperating them with a | and a space.
  • For eg, if you wish to set Technofriends blog and as your home page; enter| this in the HomePage textbox.
  • Press OK.
  • Restart Firefox.




7 Responses

  1. It can be done easily in IE7 also.
    Just seperate the URLs with a newline.
    But I recommend using Opera for browsing. It is exceptional. I dont know why it is behind in market share.

  2. i am sure people know about it how to manage and how to show.

    thanks for the tips.

  3. cool tips and tricks.

  4. Thanks for this tip! Cool!

  5. Thanx for sharing it…………

  6. […] How-To: Set multiple homepages in Firefox. […]

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