How-To: Display two time zones in Microsoft Outlook

Often, we work with two time zones in mind. The meetings or the calls that we subscribe to, are fixed based on the time zones of the clients/vendors or for that matter, the prospective attendants.

Mahesh Moorthy writes in his mail “I usually work with my German counterparts who sit in another part of the world which has a different time zone. While scheduling meetings using my Outlook calendar, I fix up meetings after calculating the time differences. Is there a tool or some way out to get rid of this problem of mine? “

Mahesh, the answer to your problem exists in Microsoft Outlook itself. This problem can easily be solved by making your Microsoft Outlook calendar show two time zones as shown in the picture below.
2 TimeZone in Outlook

This post discusses the process of displaying two time zones in Microsoft Outlook.

The steps mentioned below need to be followed in order to setup two time zone

1.) In your Microsoft Outlook client, click on Tools menu and then on Options.

2.) Click Calendar Options.

3.) Click on Time Zone.

4.) Select the Show an additional time zone check box.

5.) In the Label box, type a description. Usually, this is filled in with the name of the place.

6.) In the Time zone box, list the time zone you want to add.

7.) If you want your computer clock to automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes, select the Adjust for daylight saving time check box. This option is available only in time zones that use daylight saving time (DST).

In future, if you ever wish to clear the second time zone and wish to have only your parent time zone being displayed;  Clear the Show an additional time zone check box.




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