How-To: Search Rapidshare files using Google

Rapidshare has always been a preferred choice by many users when it comes to File Sharing. Also, interestingly, Google has an advanced search feature wherein the user can specify the website which should be searched for a particular search.

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The above given figure illustrates a step by step process to use Google to search RapidShare files.

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Also i would suggest that readers willing to gain more insight into this feature take a look at the older posts revolving around the same topic.

Source: PCTipsBox

Reader Contribution: Rapidshare Search Engine ( Thanks Nickei)

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8 Responses

  1. you might also want to check out this site: rapidshare search engine

    this guys have their own crawler, fast and relevant search results…

  2. Hi Nickei,
    Thanks for that wonderful link. I will certainly add your contribution to the post.

  3. Why keep searching for others Rapidshare account, when you can get your own???????????

    Use the detailed guide on this blog to get your own personal Rapidshare accounts.

  4. – quick search rapidshare files

  5. But i still think is more easy and faster…

  6. Fast and Big rapidshare search engine
    Have index 4100000+ file links

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