Snapfish Launched in India by HP

Finally, Snapfish which happens to be HP’s web photo service has been launched in India. Snapfish has around 40 million members in 15 countries.


Snapfish offers affordable, professionally developed digital camera photo prints, free online sharing and unlimited photo storage, as well as free photo editing utilities.

Prices for the prints starts as low as 2.95rs for a 4×6 print.

Rush to and get your free 20 prints on registrations.





7 Responses

  1. Hey .. thats good one boss … Thanx for putting it up here .. :-))
    Wooo … i’ll get 20 free prints … from HP .. wooo hoo !! Coool !!! 🙂

    Where do you get all such latest news from ??? 😀

    ~ Shantanu

  2. Thanks Shantanu.
    I keep track of atleast 50 different websites and happens to be one of them. 🙂

    Blogging might sound easy but in reality its a very very research intensive process.

  3. Thanks Vaibhav for the info– but I could not get through – I added an additional 20 photos along with the 20 free ones. But there seems to be a problem with processing my card. I dont know if there is a minimum amount that needs to be purchased to use the card… If thats so, I might as well go to the nearby photo shop or GK Vale and get even 1-2 photos printed.
    Let me know if u have any clues on this.


  4. Well, u can order it.I just ordered only 12 prints with 43 Rs value with my card.Only Master/Visa credit cards will work.Have not tried with the Debit card though.

  5. Hi Vaibhav,

    Did you try anything with those 20 free prints. I was writing an article of Snapfish but I got stumbled in the place when it asked me for my credit card info but still stated it was free!

  6. Hi Nitin,
    Yeah i did try using Snapfish. However, i ordered around 30 more prints apart from the free one’s. I guess i need to check the use case you mentioned. Time for another free id 😉

  7. i do not recommend snapfish india ( they took my order for photo-gift (mug & keychain) and fled away with the money, no email for confirmation or anything. customer service is only thru email which doesn’t work. yet to receive response after eight days. cannot cancel either because nobody replies to your email after submitting the form. there is no phone no. or any individual’s email address either where to contact. Stay away from snapfish!! They fleeced me of my money, but i won’t let that happen to others.

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