Website : Tech Profiles, SEO Grade and Hosting details

In this post i will be writing about three websites which can be used to get various Technical information of any website.

Builtwith Website_Grader Whoishostingthis is a Website Technology Profiler. It can be used to obtain the various details you always wanted to know about any website. offers details ( some of them) about a website such as

  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Widgets
  • Frameworks
  • Audio Video Media
  • Aggregation Functionality
  • Document Information
  • Encoding

The below pasted thumbnail (click on the image to expand) is of the information retrieved by the website for


The next interesting website in the list is Website Grader is a free SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)tool that provides an SEO score for your website with custom search engine optimization and marketing advice for your website.

The below pasted thumbnail carries the screenshot image for WebsiteGrader. ( Click to expand)

Website Grader

WebsiteGrader takes in the website URL and other optional keyword information to generate SEO report for the website. WebsiteGrader then based on the score obtained gives a detailed description.

The last one in this series is gives the name of the hosting company for the website. All you do is type in the name of the website and it tell you the name of the hosting company.

Go ahead and surf out the three websites. I am sure you will enjoy it.




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    Submited post on – “Website : Tech Profiles, SEO Grade and Hosting details”

  2. Thanks for writing your blog. I truly enjoyed reading it. 86

  3. the Builtwith site doesn’t appear to work for me. nothuing happens when I click “tell me”

  4. Hi Tools Guy,
    I hope you clicking on the right button. The button is called Lookup. Also, ensure that Javascript is enabled and no error is mentioned when the page gets loaded.

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